Playing with more animations

I have been distracted from working on blantium for some time now. Yard needs mowed, flowers/trees planted, watch Game of Thrones, etc. However, the recent avengers movies have given me an idea for player/npc deaths. Click the gauntlet to check out the animations I have been working on.

Release 0.04

Playing with fire!

  • I started working on the inventory system. You can open/close your inventory by pressing 'I' on the keyboard.
  • Removed the transition testing key 'A'; Not needed anymore as you can walk into/out of the bank via the doors.
  • A few items were added in game(food, weapons, etc.) and are spread about the map. You can walk over them to pick up and add them to you inventory.
  • Started working on some animations, such as the big fire you can seen a little above you when you start the game.

Release 0.03

The first NPCs added!

  • Two npcs have made their way into the game. One a skeleton, and the other a cyclops. They just walk back and forth on the map for now, but this is the first step towards attacking non players and loot drops.
  • You can now walk into / out of the bank freely. Just enter/exit the doors on the south end of the building.
  • More security enhancements have been made. I created my own node.js tool for obfuscation/hiding the code.

Release 0.02

Minor updates

  • A few security updates
  • Code for transitioning into the bank was added, but not yet complete. You can type 'A' on your keyboard to test it out.

Release 0.01

First update after the initial release.

  • Moved some trees so you don't get stuck. *collision detection is still a little rough*
  • Added rocks that will be used in the mining/smithing skills
  • Created Mining and Woodcutting guides so you know what to expect for these different resources

Release 0.00

This is the first real publication of Blantium. In this release you can explore the world on your own by clicking with your mouse in the direction you want to walk. The world map is evolving and will expand as new content is added. You cannot take any actions like chopping trees or mining rocks yet, but these things will be added as I develop them. I am creating the game engine from scratch so expect delays and bugs.