Posted: 07/20/2017 7:46 PM There's not nearly enough smack on this message board. Who do we think is going to be the first to lose a character? I say it's got to be crows preceding hoes.
Posted: 07/17/2017 11:12 AM Impin said she could host people weekly just let her know if you are coming for sure.
Posted: 06/21/2017 2:00 PM ALERT! The second official GOT season 7 trailer is out!!!!!
Posted: 05/24/2017 10:19 PM
Posted: 05/23/2017 9:47 PM also new season 7 video/poster posted today check the reflection in the eye. also you all are going to lose to me. -50sgw
Posted: 05/23/2017 7:17 AM GOT news: Exclusive photos from season 7
Posted: 05/22/2017 4:30 PM The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. -Eddard Stark