• Rules of the game

    1. Each player must draft a team of characters.

    2. Each character receives one "Appearance Point" for each episode they appear in. The team keeps those points even if the character dies. A claimed character that is resurrected receives 3 appearance points for the episode they are resurrected and one each episode they appear in thereafter. Dead character appearing in flashbacks, visions, or current time still receive one appearance point.

    3. Each character has been assigned "Life Points". The least likely to survive is given the largest amount of life points. If they die before the end of the season they receive zero life points for their team. A resurrected players Life Points are restored(?).

    4. If at some point an unclaimed character is resurrected they are added to the lowest ranking team and given half the life points of the character with the highest life points.

    5. (Total Life Points from living players + Total Appearance Points = Total) The player/team with the most points after the season finale wins!